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  • The year in Sex Toys | A sex toy calendar

    What if there was a 2017 sex toy calendar

    There’s one gift that I know I’m going to get for Christmas, every year, without fail. A calendar. It’s one of those dead cert presents and it always comes from the same person. They also, generally speaking, run along the same lines each year in terms of the type of calendar they get me. Give or take the odd occasion when said gift-giver goes off the rails and buys me one with comical images of goats in trees, or black cartoon ...

  • Is my vibrator waterproof?

    Pick a waterproof vibrator and there's no reason why 'me-time' should be limited to the bedroom. Take your pleasure into the bath, shower, hot tub, or even a paddling pool if you feel so inclined – just make sure the neighbours don't spot you!

    We've got a huge range of waterproof vibrators and sex in the shower accessories to choose from that will help make positioning easier in a hot, steamy environment.

    All of the sex toys in this section are waterproof, so they're safe ...

  • 5 Reasons Why You Should Own A Cock Ring (or several)

    Here at Harmony HQ, we're loving cock rings this week and here are just five reasons why we think every pleasure chest should have at least one.

    1. Dong Decoration

    Dress it up with silver or leather rings for those big fetish nights out. Alternatively, slip into something a little more comfortable like a silicone or stretchy, jelly ring. Whatever style you go for, there's something very sexy about donning a cock ring. For more elaborate styling, try a cock cage, where there are several rings for his ...
  • How to introduce sex toys in the bedroom?

    How to introduce sex toys into your relationship

    For some folks in relationships, knowing how to introduce sex toys into the bedroom can feel difficult. Having that conversation might feel daunting, especially if you’re unsure about how your partner will react to the idea of introducing sex toys into your sex life. An important thing to remember is that lots of couples use and enjoy sex toys together. Vibrators, massagers, even just a bottle of lubricant, can allow couples to experiment with pleasure in new ways and can even help ...

  • Behold! Darth Vader made from sex toys

    Watch the creation of Darth Vader made from sex toys

    We know there’s a lot of Star Wars merchandise out there, but we’re not sure that when The Force Awakens is released that a Darth Vader made from sex toys is going to be top of the collectors list.

    Yep, you heard right. A Darth Vader made entirely from vibrators and sex toys. It’s certainly a sentence I never thought I’d hear myself say, but because the Internet is a wondrous thing, someone totally went there.

    May the force be ...

  • Sex Toys For Beginners

    The perfect sex toys for beginners

    It's your first foray into the world of sex toys. You're not sure what you're after, but you know that you don't want to spend a load of money just in case you A) don't like using sex toys or B) your other half freaks out when you rock up at home with this strange new thing that you're supposed to put all over your genitals. They're both valid reasons for stepping cautiously into the world of adult shopping.

    To make it easier, a ...

  • Where's my G-Spot?

    Whether the G-Spot exists or not has long been debated, but the fact is that every woman has one. Knowing where it is and how to stimulate the G-Spot is another matter and it's also important to highlight that not every woman can, or does, orgasm from having it teased.

    For those wanting to try and launch an exploration into G-Spot pleasure, this quick, 'where's my G-Spot' guide gives you the low down on what it is, where to find it and some suggestions on what to use for a ...

  • Personal Lube Guide: which lubricant is best?

    Your personal lube guide - how to pick the best lubricant for you

    Here in Harmony we believe that getting hold of a good personal lubricant is a super simple way to enhance your sex life. It can be budget friendly too! Use a high-quality one and it will become a pleasure object in its own right that can improve sex with a partner, playing solo or when using a sex toy.

    There are loads of brands and types of lubricants available, so knowing where to start can be mind ...

  • 5 reasons you should Like us on Facebook

    Are you on Facebook? (Of course you are you social butterfly!) Then get on over and Like our Harmony Store page. Here are 5 excellent reasons why you should give us the thumbs up...

    1. You'll be ahead of the game when it comes to knowing about discounts, sales and competitions.

    2. We share funny, crazy, yet informative sex stuff that'll make you chuckle, or go “Hmm, interesting,” and your friends will think you're awesome, because you're then sharing all this original great stuff with them. If something ...

  • Which vibrator should I buy?

    So, you've decided that you want a vibrator, or are looking for something new to put in your toy box, but not sure which will be the right buzzy companion for you?

    This guide is designed to get you thinking about some of the important questions you should ask yourself when trying to find the vibrator that matches your needs. We understand that the huge range and variety of vibes on offer can be a tad overwhelming when you're not sure what you're looking for.

    These are questions we talk ...

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