Love yourself more than anyone else!

The chocolate wrapper have littered your floor, the flowers are already wilting, and you're beginning to wonder if 3-4 minutes really is the average time. It is at this time of year that it is so important to focus on the most important person in your life: oneself. So as you lay in the wet patch, give our selection of solo toys a browse.


Squat and Pop those Kegels!

SONY DSCUs here at Harmony are no strangers to a bit of kegel love, and you shouldn't either! Strengthening your kegels is one of the best things you can do to, not only improve your sex life, but to also improve your life all round. Well practiced women can wiggle around in their chair and get a good work out while writing the monthly quota. I'd recommend this set for Love Balls from Rocks Off for their quality and durability. The silicone coating and thread allow for easy removal whilst being easy to clean and care for. Throwing in a few squats here and there gives the benefit of an all body workout, inside and out!







A little of love for the unloved – The Female Masturbator

jil_olivia_silicone_curve_g-spot_vibrator_-_purpleIt is in this writer's opinion that the female masturbator is the most neglected sex toy. Characterised by its curved design it allows for a comfortable penetrative pleasure without a leg spread across your bed-frame. Whilst clitoral orgasm are convenient, you shouldn't be denying yourself the love you desire. The JIL Olivia is perfect for first timers and experts alike in this new adventure into internal pleasure. With no solid internal mechanism it is super flexible, and you'll find your new found comfortable masturbation sessions incomparable.






OBL – The One Button Lover

doxy_massager_purpleThinking of your perfect partner? Massages you after work, gets on well with your friends, and has a plug socket sticking out of their ass. Well do I have a surprise for you! There hasn't been a time since my sexual liberation that I haven't considered the Doxy Massager my ultimate sex toy. The romantic nights I reserve to pamper myself always end on a high. If I find myself a little bored, I just purchase a little adaptor and I begin another chapter in my OBL affair.








Painting the Pickle? Take your solo to YOLO.

rd509_02I get it, your right hand ride-or-die has been there since day one, and sometimes all you want is a good old fashioned to finish the night. Bear in mind however that you deserve the same self-love no matter what's going on downstairs. So there is nothing better for me to recommend than the PDX Elite Cock Compressing Stroker. It sucks, it blows, it squeezes, it vibrates, and it's even mountable. You're sure to enjoy your solo session exponentially from henceforth.








A Little love for your Right-hand Gland!

Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager

Once upon a time, the male orgasm was limited to a 5 minute build up, a slight leg cramp, and some cum spoiling your mother's fresh linen. But with any luck you're now a grown man, and 20+ years of the same thing is getting boring so it's time to revolutionise your orgasm. The Aneros Helix Syn Prostate Massager, is a good entry step into the wondrous world of male prostate stimulation. This is what I promise you: an orgasm so intense you better find a stable surface to hold onto. For the older gentleman, the mild prostate stimulation every week or so will keep you active into your golden years and benefits your overall health.






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