What are love balls for?

Love balls, sometimes also known as Ben Wa Balls and Kegel balls, have become particularly popular within the last few years, thanks in part to their inclusion in Fifty Shades of Grey. Remember the scene when Christian Grey slips two, smooth metal balls into Anastasia's vagina and tells her she has to hold them inside while they're out at dinner? The sensation as they roll together and rub up against the G-Spot can be orgasmic. It's a pretty erotic sex game that you can get away with in public, definitely, but there is another, more practical use for love balls, which often gets over looked, but can actually do your sex life the world of good.

While some women enjoy the stimulating rolling sensation of wearing love balls, using them is also an excellent way to give the pelvic floor a work out. This is the area of muscles that run from your pubic bone to the base of the spine and hold the bladder and urethra in place. To feel them, try tensing as if you're trying to hold a wee in. You should feel a tense and lift.

There are lots of health benefits to regularly giving your pelvic floor a work out to strengthen the muscles, it can help prevent incontinence – releasing a small amount of urine when you cough, sneeze or laugh – and enhance how responsive the vagina is to stimulation. This can result in longer, more intense, orgasms for some women.

Adding even a small amount of weight and resistance during a Kegel work out will help. Inserting weighted love balls into the vagina and then using the pelvic floor muscles to lift them slightly up, further into the body, will build and strengthen the muscles.

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