How to have sex during a heatwave

OMG, it's hot out there! Don't let the crazy warm weather have a cooling effect on your lust life though. Here are 5 quick tips on how to make love without ending up in a sticky, sweaty mess because of the heat. (Regular levels of sticky, sweaty-ness still apply.)

1. Have wet sex

Whether it's in the shower, bath or under the garden sprinkler, you'll both feel a whole lot cooler if you get some H2O action. Set the shower running on a colder setting than usual, or part fill the bath with luke-warm water that you can lie down in. Don't fill it so much that it splashes over the sides, but enough that as you move the flecks of water hitting your skin will offer welcome relief. If you're stuck for space or find positions in these locations tough, then the very useful Sex In The Shower accessories may be your answer.

Alternatively, invest in a couple of mini-water pistols and have your own water-fight, come wet t-shirt competition. When the clothes get wet, they're going to have to come off!

2. Go low

Remember that high school science lesson when you're teacher told you all about how hot air rises? Well, that information might finally come in use! Move your sex sessions out of any upstairs bedrooms and down into the living room, or on a cool kitchen work surface.

3. Non-contact sport

Getting close and all lovey dovey is wonderful and extremely intimate, but totally not good for bringing down the sweat levels. Turn sex into a non-contact sport and pick positions that avoid full skin to skin contact. Doggy or cowgirl work especially well.

4. Freeze!

It's an obvious one, but a good one: ice cubes, or frozen fruit (grapes, strawberries, mango) will feel amazing when trailed over yours, or your lover's skin. Not only will it cool them down, but allows for some sexy and refreshing food play too.

5. Slow down

Fast and furious will leave you flustered. Slow down your movements and take your time to explore your lover. Set the mood: pick slow-paced music, turn down the lighting or draw the curtains and spend time on less energetic sex acts like kissing, lightly touching, or some lazy oral.

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