Bathmate HYDROMAX5 Penis Pump

Bathmate HYDROMAX5 Penis Pump

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HYDROMAX5 Penis Pump - Aqua Blue or Crystal Clear

  • The original, no. 1 bestselling hydro pump
  • Originally known as Bathmate HydroMax X20
  • Ideal for users measuring 5 inches and under when erect
  • Great for beginners to pumping
  • Blue
  • When you’re looking to increase your girth, length, or the intensity of your erections, look no further than Bathmate’s HydroMax5 Penis Pump, designed for penises measuring 5 inches and under when erect – the size at which pumping is most effective, leading to more noticeable gains. This pump uses water pressure to create a vacuum seal and stimulate the penile tissue, which can eventually lead to permanent size gains after a period of regular use! It’s best to use your HydroMax5 in the bath or shower. Fill the chamber with water and slip your penis in, making sure it’s flush to your pubic bone to create a vacuum, and start pumping the unit up and down to increase the pressure. The best results come when you use the pump for about 15 minutes every day in 5-minute chunks, taking a break to massage and check your penis for about 30 seconds every time. After only a month, you could already start seeing permanent gains!

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