Bathmate HYDRO7 Penis Pump

Bathmate HYDRO7 Penis Pump

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Material Plastic

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Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump Clear or Blue

Harness the power of water with the Bathmate Hydro7 Penis Pump. Safely and effectively increase the girth, length and intensity of your erections with this water pressure-based vacuum pump system, and begin a pumping routine that can eventually lead to permanent size gains! Use the Hydro7 Pump in the bath or shower.

Fill the cylinder with water and insert your penis, ensuring the entrance is pressed flat against your pubic bone to create a vacuum and move the unit up and down to increase the pressure. For the best results, use the Hydro7 in chunks of 5 minutes for up to 15 minutes a day, taking a break and massaging the penis in between sessions to stimulate the blood flow. After at least a month of consistent use, you can even start to see permanent growth, as the penile tissue expands.

Additional Information

Brand Bathmate
Material Plastic

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