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Anal Blu 1.5 oz

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No more pain with Anal Blu - just apply to the anal area prior to anal sex and get a lubricated desensitising effect.Non staining.

Avoid anal pain when playing in this sensitive area with Anal Blu. Simply apply before anal sex and enjoy a lubricated, desensitising effect. Non-staining.
Harmony Sex Tip: When using desensitising gels, sprays or lubricants, it's still important to take things at a comfortable pace to ensure ultimate pleasure, safely.

Additional Information
Details And Care
Manufacturer: Nasstoys 
Colour: N/A 
Size (Metric): 44ml 
Size (Imperial): 1.5fl oz 
Power: N/A 
Material: Water-based 
Feel: N/A 
SKU: N7988 
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